Many people start a Pilates class in order to improve their posture. We know that slouching in a chair, hunched shoulders and wearing high heels all day can affect posture but why is it important to have good posture?

Here are 5 reasons to have good posture:

Reduced back & neck pain

Slouching can add strain to muscles and the spine. Over time this could develop into aches and pains. Better posture keeps bones and joints in their correct position so that they can be used properly. 

Look slimmer

By standing or sitting taller many people instantly look slimmer. Pilates trains your core muscles which can help the lower abdominals appear flatter and more toned.

Feel better about yourself

Sitting with good posture can act as a coping mechanism against stress. In a research study they found that people who slouch in a chair reported feeling more fearful, nervous, sleepy and sluggish whilst sitting more upright, people felt more enthusiastic, excited and strong.

Improved breathing

A good posture helps to open up your airways and help you to breathe easier. When you slouch your body can take in as much as 30% less oxygen than with good posture.

More alert

When you breathe properly your thinking, concentration and productivity improves too.