What my Clients Say

I was advised to do Pilates by the hospital because of degeneration in the lower back and arthritis in the upper back. My first thoughts were – will I be bored with this? But after having a taster session with Kirsty I actually enjoyed it! Nearly 2 years down the line I still attend weekly. After leaving the class I’m surprised how good I feel! So flexible! Originally I was on regular doses of strong painkillers but 2 years down the line I have weaned myself off of all of them and its all due to Kirsty and Pilates. I just love it and have no more aches and pains!


Before I started the class I had become aware that my balance and core strength needed some attention (I fell over in the street and landed on my nose!). The classes are great, exactly what I wished for and I feel safe. The exercises can be extended to different levels depending on how my body feels. Knowing that you are there to oversee how I am carrying out the moves and offering alternatives is reassuring. After a class I feel much more relaxed, supple and more energetic. I have greater awareness of how I stand and move now and this has eased the aches and pains I was starting to feel. I love the way the class is delivered in a very professional and friendly way and I always look forward to it.


After the facet joint in my back had locked up for the second time, my osteopath recommended Pilates to build up my core muscles. Before I started, more often than not I found it painful straightening up after sitting in one position for more than half an hour. Also getting out of bed in the morning was uncomfortable. I found Kirsty’s classes on the internet and took the plunge. I’m so glad i did, my back pain has reduced to just an occasional dull ache and I have not had to wear a supportive back strap since starting Pilates. I also go in the gym after work on a daily basis and no longer ache after exercise. I would recommend Pilates for anyone with a back problem as it is low impact and Kirsty teaches in such a pleasant and relaxed style, whilst also advising what exercises should be avoided by people with specific problem areas i.e. backs or knees. I have only been attending for two and a half months and though i didn’t notice too much change in the first few weeks my back now feels better than it has done for years, as well as my posture and suppleness improving.


I normally do a quite a bit of walking, but I realised that I still had tight muscles in my shoulders and upper back and wanted to gain more flexibility all round. I had heard about Pilates but I did not know much about it and assumed it would be hard work. I did a trial class apprehensively, but was surprised to discover that the exercises were on several levels, and everyone could work at their own pace whilst being gently encouraged to stretch a little harder without hurting yourself. Each week is slightly different either in the intensity of the exercise or working different muscles. Makes the routine more interesting. I definitely have better posture and more supple shoulder muscles now. I often find myself working some of those muscles even when going about my normal day.


Hunched over a computer, slouched over a book and drooped over handlebars… Work, rest and play are hardly conducive for having parade ground backs in the modern world, and my round shoulders and wilting neck have long been evidence of a misspent lifestyle when it comes to deportment. One look of my stooping profile in a shop window reflection made my mind up to do something about my posture and with both my wife and daughter long-standing Pilates devotees, I decided to join a weekly class. The sessions have taught me what little control I had over my muscles. Even as someone who has always enjoyed sport, everything was always instinctive with no thought to stretching, twisting or bending. Pilates is teaching me how exercising is very much mind over movement. Besides being far happier when I snatch a side view reflection of my posture, I am also noticing how Pilates’ exercises are helping to reduce those knee, ankle and shoulder niggles midde-aged men always moan about whenever they play sport.


Before I started Pilates, my knees were quite stiff and sore. There was not much movement. I wanted to combine this gentle form of exercise with my running. The classes are great, Kirsty works to everyone’s level, and ensures that we have the correct posture and so the exercises properly. I always come out of the class feeling very relaxed. My posture has improved, I stand better and don’t slouch so much at work.


Before I started Pilates I assumed it was lots of lycra and jumping around, I had already decided it wasn’t for me but was talked into it by a friend. What a revelation. I was full of aches and pains and thought it was all part of this “getting older lark” but decided I would just see what it was about. The class had a very friendly feel about it, and we were all encouraged to stretch our muscles and build core strength at our own pace. No jumping around just small but very important movements that enabled me to start to do things for the first time in a long time. I now have better balance and far better posture. I’m more supple and can move around from floor to full height stretches without even thinking about it. Most important for me I now have less pain as my muscle strength gives my body so much more support. From what I see in the class, this is good for all ages and we are superbly encouraged to get the movements right by Kirsty. The exercise and company for me are just so much nicer than the dreaded gym!


I had played badminton once a week for over 16 years but had to give it up due to injury. After 3 years off, I wanted something with a little less impact which would improve my core strength and flexibility to try and get fit again. I have always wanted to try Pilates but I didn’t want to join a gym in case I didn’t like it. It’s a fun class and no one makes you feel bad if you can’t do something straight away. There are different levels of difficulty for each move so it is nice to see week after week that you can do more and move up the difficulty levels. Sometimes it surprises me what I can now do. I feel much fitter and stronger than before and we all have a good laugh in the class which makes it really enjoyable. It is also nice to be able to do a class with my sister and mum where none of us feel out of our depth.


Before starting Pilates I had hurt my back whilst playing Football. I had daily pain in my lower lumbar area as one of the discs had been affected. Each day felt like my lumbar area was in cramp, constantly tight and ‘niggling’. Whilst I got by on a day to day basis I never felt like anything other than the daily tasks, work, shipping the kids around, jobs at home, were possible without pain or discomfort. Even these I would do carefully wondering if something would ‘give way’ and I’d be in more pain. The classes are great. I go straight from work and use it not only as a way of exercising my back but also as ‘switch off’ time from work. The best result personally for me has been that I now have little or no back pain. I am more confident to do more than just the minimum. I play with my kids without constantly thinking about whether I will be grimacing in pain shortly. Of course I have set backs, things aren’t always perfect with my back, but when I have a set back I know that the exercise will help get me back on track and with patience and practice things will be ok again. The more I use the exercises the less I think about my back.


My idea of exercise is a lot of physical excursion where you work up a sweat. However, following my operation I was unable to do this, and a friend of mine suggest that I try Pilates. Before joining the class I was unsure that I would derive any benefit, but owing to my personal circumstance, and my doctor, who also attends classes, recommended that I try it. I have now been going to classes for 4 months, and found the classes to be well run. Whilst they are group classes the tutor finds time to provide any personal instruction where required. People attend these classes for a variety of reasons and personal benefit, however they are carried out in a light hearted way. If at any point during an exercise you feel you are unable to continue then it is accepted that you should stop. An alternative exercise is always offered. When leaving a class I feel that I have done a work out, I sleep better, and believe my general posture is better. I also feel that I have had improved recovery from the side-effects of my surgery.


Over the years I have suffered from back problems. I love cycling but it was becoming increasingly more and more painful. I was always complaining of headaches, my shoulders and neck ached through tension and the bottom of my back ached constantly. I had visited my doctor and physiotherapist periodically and both had said I would benefit in joining a Pilates class. I have now been attending classes for nearly 6 months. My back is so much better and my flexibility has changed. When I first started, lying on my front and trying to grab my foot was absolutely impossible. I struggled to even grab the flares of my jogging bottoms but now I can grab my foot quite easily. I am now more conscious of my posture and try to incorporate what I have learnt in my everyday life. My biggest regret is that it has taken me to be in my 50’s before joining a Pilates class, I truly believe if I had joined years ago I would not have spent so much time being in pain.