Meet Kirsty

Meet Kirsty

Hi I’m Kirsty, a Modern Pilates Instructor teaching classes in Luton.

I help men and women to improve their posture, strengthen their core muscles, ease tight muscles and manage the symptoms of arthritis, sciatica and back ache.

Many things have changed since Joseph Pilates first developed his exercise techniques and so Modern Pilates brings his approach into the 21st century. Because the exercises are slow and controlled it is often a suitable choice of exercise for people with sciatica, disc issues, arthritis and hip/knee replacements.

All of my classes are limited to 15 people so that you can receive individual attention and are able to progress at a pace suitable to you.

The best way to get started it to try a free taster class. That way you can experience a class and find out how Pilates may be able to help you.

Professional Qualifications:

CYQ Level 3 – Personal Training Award

CYQ Level 3 / Modern Pilates – Diploma in Matwork Pilates

Modern Pilates – Progressive Matwork 1

Modern Pilates – Specialist Pilates for Hip & Knee

Cherry Baker – Spinal Conditions & Exercise Solutions

Cherry Baker – Diamond Pilates for Pelvic Floor Function & Dysfunction

APPI – Pilates for Osteoporosis

Alan Herdman – Beginner Matwork Pilates

Biomechanics Education – iMove Freely

Academic Qualifications:

BSc (Hons 2:1) Sport Science – Exercise & Fitness