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How can Pilates help you?

Better Posture

Help to take the strain off your joints, relieve back ache and muscle tension.

Core Stability

Support your spine and improve your balance.

Move More Easily

Improve the range of movement at your joints and feel more supple.

Reduce Stress

Unwind, relax and get a better night’s sleep.

Before I started Pilates I assumed it was lots of lycra and jumping around, I had already decided it wasn’t for me but was talked into it by a friend. What a revelation. I was full of aches and pains and thought it was all part of this “getting older lark” but decided I would just see what it was about. The class had a very friendly feel about it, and we were all encouraged to stretch our muscles and build core strength at our own pace. No jumping around just small but very important movements that enabled me to start to do things for the first time in a long time. I now have better balance and far better posture. I’m more supple and can move around from floor to full height stretches without even thinking about it. Most important for me I now have less pain as my muscle strength gives my body so much more support. From what I see in the class, this is good for all ages and we are superbly encouraged to get the movements right by Kirsty. The exercise and company for me are just so much nicer than the dreaded gym!


Before I started Pilates, my knees were quite stiff and sore. There was not much movement. I wanted to combine this gentle form of exercise with my running. The classes are great, Kirsty works to everyone’s level, and ensures that we have the correct posture and so the exercises properly. I always come out of the class feeling very relaxed. My posture has improved, I stand better and don’t slouch so much at work.


Before starting Pilates I had hurt my back whilst playing Football. I had daily pain in my lower lumbar area as one of the discs had been affected. Each day felt like my lumbar area was in cramp, constantly tight and ‘niggling’. Whilst I got by on a day to day basis I never felt like anything other than the daily tasks, work, shipping the kids around, jobs at home, were possible without pain or discomfort. Even these I would do carefully wondering if something would ‘give way’ and I’d be in more pain. The classes are great. I go straight from work and use it not only as a way of exercising my back but also as ‘switch off’ time from work. The best result personally for me has been that I now have little or no back pain. I am more confident to do more than just the minimum. I play with my kids without constantly thinking about whether I will be grimacing in pain shortly. Of course I have set backs, things aren’t always perfect with my back, but when I have a set back I know that the exercise will help get me back on track and with patience and practice things will be ok again. The more I use the exercises the less I think about my back.


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